How to Check Vehicle Taxes via Mobile

Check Vehicle Taxes Via Mobile – Every two-wheeled or four-wheeled motorized vehicle, of course, is obliged to contribute its income to the state, by paying vehicle taxes. However, not a few of the vehicle owners, often forget the due date of their vehicle tax payments.

How to Check Vehicle Taxes via Mobile

Through HP Check Motor Vehicle Tax

Now, instead of forgetting what can result in dead taxes, you better check your vehicle tax information frequently, starting from the date until the nominal payment.

Moreover, for those of you who are busy working, of course you don’t have much time right, if you have to check vehicle taxes directly to the Samsat office.

The reason is, by checking motor vehicle taxes via online from HP, you can find out all the information related to your vehicle tax practically anytime and anywhere. You can choose the facilities for checking motor vehicle taxes, either through the website, SMS, or application.

What is Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB)

However, before you find out how to check motor vehicle tax and how to pay it, did you know that every vehicle has a different tax fee? Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) is a tax imposed on motorized vehicle owners, where the amount of tax for each vehicle is usually determined by two factors.

To find out the amount of tax value and motor vehicle owner, you can also check the number plate online.

Types of Motor Vehicle Taxes

Not only finding out how to check motor vehicle taxes, you are also at least obliged to know the types of vehicle taxes that you will later pay to the tax office. There are two types of vehicle taxes, namely annual taxes and taxes every five years. So, with that, make sure you know which type of tax you will pay this year.

Instead of being confused about the differences between the two types of vehicle taxes, let’s look here:

Annual Tax Terms

For this type of annual tax, it is usually done to validate a Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK). You can pay annual taxes by coming directly to the nearest Samsat office or you can do it online. However, the online motor vehicle tax payment facility has not been applied evenly throughout Indonesia, and can only be done in a few regions.

The requirements that must be attached, when you want to pay annual taxes, are as follows:

  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK)
  • Original Identity Card (KTP)
  • Motor Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKB), and
  • Tax payment money

Five Year Tax Terms

In contrast to the annual motor vehicle tax payment, the five-year type of tax is carried out simultaneously with the replacement of vehicle registration and license plates. You can also do the same as annual taxes, five-year taxes at the nearest Samsat office, but you can’t do it online yet. The following requirements must be attached to pay five-year taxes:

  1. Bring the original Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK)
  2. Identity Card (original KTP
  3. Original Motor Vehicle Ownership Book (BPKB)
  4. Forms for physical vehicle checks available at the Samsat office. Physical checking of your vehicle will be carried out directly at the Samsat office by officers. Complete procedure regarding checking vehicle frame numbers.
  5. How to Check Motor Vehicle Tax Online on a Website Via HP

Well, if you already know the term and understand what motor vehicle tax is, then you can apply the motor vehicle tax check method, to make it easier for you to make payments.

However, you should also know that the online motor vehicle tax check service, or so-called e-Samsat, has not been implemented in all regions. Which means only certain areas, such as several lists of regions that have motorized vehicle tax checking services via online.

How to Check Motor Vehicle Taxes Via the HP Application

The service application for checking motor vehicle tax has to be installed first on the Play Store only. And the areas that only have the e-Samsat application are East Jakarta and West Sumatra only. You can search for the name of the application on the Play Store with keywords: DKI Jakarta Online Tax and SAMSAT MOBILE PROV. BOAST.

For steps on how to check motor vehicle tax through the application, you can see the following flow:

  1. Download the application on your cellphone
  2. Select the Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) menu service.
  3. Then type the vehicle number plate information.
  4. Information about your vehicle tax will appear along with the amount of vehicle tax, and the due date.

In an era with the increasingly rapid development of information technology, you are spoiled for convenience. One of them is the ease of knowing how to check motor vehicle tax online via cellphone, with just a touch of the screen.

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